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Rush – Good Music, Rushing – Bad Way to Live

BeesI know I have written about rushing about before, but recent events during my daily commute once again bring it to the forefront of my thoughts. While the band Rush may have good music, rushing around in life is not a good thing.

I have seen rushing around cause so many problems over the years it is not funny. I have seen it cause accidents, I have seen people get knocked down, bumped into, I have seen it cause mistakes and cause more quality work products. Not only have I seen these things happen to others, but they have happened to me personally.

Rushing also causes our stress level to increase. When we rush around we constantly think I need to hurry or something that is not desirable will happen. We can easily become, and often do become, consumed with worrying about getting things done quickly. We start cutting corners and taking risks just to accomplish things in less time. The more we cut corners, the more risk we introduce to our lives and the greater the risk of our getting hurt or hurting someone else.

We can avoid the “need” to rush, by taking time to plan ahead and allow ourselves the time we need to get things done. If there are things that we cannot control that affect the amount of time we need, for example the amount of traffic we may encounter on our way to work, and then we should take that in to account and allow a little more time to get things done. There will always be times when no matter how well we plan, we wind up behind schedule and still feel a need to rush. In situations like that, we can let the impulse to rush control us and increase our stress as we start to rush around like chickens with our heads cut off or we can choose to take control of the situation by making a conscious decision not to rush. Choosing to take control of a situation is a step toward taking control of our lives in general. If we can take control in one situation, we can take control of another sitatution, then another and another. Next thing you know, it becomes second nature and we

When we rush we miss out on life, we wind up not seeing the small beautiful things around us. All too often we rush around and ignore the small things. We do not see or experience the things that can bring us joy and peace. We need to learn from Castiel, from Supernatural, and take some time to watch the bees. Watch the clip below, the season 7 episode “Reading is Fundamental, and notice how content and at peace he is. Taking time to “watch the bees” can help us experience contentment and help us be at peace with ourselves, our lives and the world around us.

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