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Music Soothes the Savage Beast

This morning, when I read my daily email from My Dialectical Life, I was reminded that the old saying that ‘music soothes the savage beast’ is very true. Music can help alter our mood.

Music can help lift us out of a depressive state, calm our mind when we are anxious or even help us calm down when we are angry. One thing to remember is that you cannot throw on any old record and expect it to work. You need to choose the songs you listen to at these times carefully. Choosing the wrong song or type of songs can make things worse.

For example, if you are angry listening to Gangsta Rap, might not be the best choice since it would most likely make you angrier. Likewise, if you are depressed, listening to a sad song may work against you.

As the email pointed out, it is important to not just listen to the music, but to listen to it mindfully. While you may gain some benefit from just having it playing in the background, to get the full benefit you need to be more engaged in the music. If you want to get even more out of it, do not just listen mindfully, but sing along. It does not matter if you are the worst singer in the world, you are doing it to help yourself and that is what matters.

Do not limit yourself to just traditional music, find the music that works for you. It can be a theme song from a TV show, a commercial jingle, a recording of your kid, your partner or yourself singing a song our anything you can think of.

I have a few things that are ‘out there’ in most people’s opinion. For example, I keep some wrestling entrance themes on my iPod for a fast pick-me-up. I also keep some running and marching cadence from the Army and Marine Corps on my iPod.

I find cadence to help get my blood flowing and it helps lift my mood. It has a nice steady rhythm to it that helps me regulate my moods. For me, it works in the same fashion as taking my pulse does.

So like I said, do not be afraid to go off the beaten track when you put togerher your playlist. Have fun with it, it is meant to help you, not impress or please others.

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Comment from Richard Punko - 2012/09/17 at 20:12

I agree. Music helps you feel better.

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