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100th and Final Post

Trigger Warning – Some of what is said below may be triggering to some people.  If despair, hopelessness, and similar things are triggering to you, then you may wish to stop now.

Well this is my 100th post on this site. It seems like a good place to stop. I had originally started this blog to try to help others. I have come to realize that I am not really reaching anyone.

I am defeated.

Best of luck to everyone. Maybe one day I will try again. As of right now though, I see no reason to keep going. Besides, as I came to realize this morning, I am an evil monster and vile human being.

I feel invisible. I am thinking about totally retreating from online. I may deactivate my Facebook and twitter accounts as well. I am not sure.


Posted: July 10th, 2012 under My Journey, Trigger Warning.

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