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A Few Words that Impacted My Life

In an earlier article, I wrote about the impact words can have on people. This article provides a few examples of words that had a huge impact on me. In both cases, the words were from the same person.

I was going through files on my laptop today and came across a text file name “excerpt”. When I opened it, I found the following part of a conversation I had with someone special to me a few years ago. I have modified the names to provide them more privacy.

a: you helped me get here. without you i never would have survived last year

a: can you believe it was only a litle more than a year ago we met?

me: *S*..I was wondering if you still felt that way…I still don’t know why you think it was bc of me you got through it…

me: I know I was thinking that the other day…

a: because you belived in me when no one else did

me: sometimes it feels like yesterday..other times a million lifes

me: *S*..well I am glad I was able to help at all…There is so much good in you and so much to believe in..it is very easy

a: and right now Jason i’m believing in you – i believe you will come through this depression with a better understanding of yourself and the world. i believe you will find healing and security within yourself, i belive you will be a different person in a years time too

me: *smiles*..thank you anne…you have no idea how much that you believing in me means…we seem to fade in and out of each others lives at just the right time dont we?

a: we’re connected

a: we always will be

me: yes you are indeed right 🙂

I read this and I remember that period, I remember the conversation and I remember how much those words in bold meant to me. I remember how much a difference they made in my life. I needed to hear them that night.

This was not the only time that this person’s words made a difference in my life. On another occasion, she left a comment in one of my journals in response to something I wrote. I was feeling invisible and like no one noticed me in life, so I posted a quote from the show House to sum up my feelings.

House episode 201
“Dr. Cameron: When a good person dies, there should be an impact on the world. Somebody should notice. Somebody should be upset.”

This is exactly what I wrote, minus a profanity edit, in my journal at the time…

Well I do know one thing…no one will notice my death when the time comes. no one will notice or give a f***….

My friend “a”, from above, read that entry not long after. She had just three simple words for me: “I’ll notice“, when I read those three words I just broke down into tears. Those three little words meant everything to me. I do not think any three words have ever had such an amazing impact on my life. Even now remembering those words and that night, I cry all over again.

Posted: May 19th, 2012 under My Journey.

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