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Saturday Night’s Episode – Today

Saturday was a bad day. A bad day that culminated in a severe episode and done self-harm. Sunday wasn’t much better, it was a carry over from Saturday. I was still hurting, a lot, emotionally and a good deal physically. My wife and I were still angry with each other. We definitely needed to give each other room.

As far as physical and emotional pain, today did not start out much better. It looked like it was going to be more of the same. Things with my wife seemed to have calmed down between yesterday and today.

As the day had gone on and I have had to deal with commuting and work, my mood has improved some. I am starting to cope better with what happened and put it behind me. The physical pain is still hanging around and will be around for a while I can tell. Today there is nothing I can do anything about so I will focus on my mental health and healing, that I have a lot more control over.

I will be through with this from the emotional side soon. The fact that I will be done soon pleases me, because I thought this was going to drag on for a long time.

While Saturday shows I still have a long way to go, today shows I am further and ‘healthier’ than I realized. Even just six months ago this type of thing would have taken me weeks, if not months to cope with, now it looks like it will be a week or less.

Step by step, inch by inch.

Posted: April 16th, 2012 under My Journey, Thoughts.


Comment from R Punko - 2012/04/16 at 18:44

Please keep calm no matter what. It can be done. Just say “I don’t have to be right I don’t have to argue I do have to stay calm and be patient. That’s what I did whith mom and her BP disorder. I just sucked it up. You can too. Take your meds. I feel your emotional pain and wish I could do more. Don’t lose your job because of outburts. Dad

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