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Blog Lost, Blog Found

Well I had a nice scare this evening. I accidently deleted this entire blog. The entire database was gone. I was in a state of dread. It seemed like months of hard work and intense emotions were lost forever.

As you can imagine, I was bordering on a breakdown. I could feel my heart racing, the stress, the anxiety and the emotions building and building. I was on the border between screaming and crying.

Yet some how I was able to hold on to my rational-self and think logically and productively.

I ran through everything I could possibly do on my own to restore it. I checked my ‘beta’ version, the one I was using to try out new themes, but it only went back as far as January. That would have left me with a loss of about 40 entries instead of a loss of 80 entries.

I also checked the way back machine to see if they had archived, unfortunately they had not. I checked to see if there were cached versions of any entries on google, nope. I checked to see if I could subscribe to my own blog on amazon kindle, hoping that maybe they kept a cached version. Of course, I could not subscribe to it because I do but have an actual kindle device, just applications that run kindle software. So that option was out.

I started searching my harddrives to see if I had a backup of the database or the entries saved to word files someplace. I was able to find maybe ten more of the entries that easy.

The last thing I tried, was the one thing that was the one thing that worked, I contacted the provider and asked if they could restore the database for me. Thankfully they were able to restore it for me.

I do not know how, but somehow I was able to keep it together and not lose it. It is a little over an hour since they restored it and I am still in the process of calming down.

Posted: April 25th, 2012 under My Journey.

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