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Thoughts on Love (Christian Version)

Note: This is the first of two versions of this post and is written from a Christian perspective of life and love. The other version removes the Christian references while leaving the majority of the content intact in a hope of providing a more secular version.

As so often happens my mind drifts to the topic of love. Tonight I look at it a little differently, yet I see it the same as always.

Like the singular point that began the universe with the Big Bang, love is packed full of power, energy,happiness and intensity. Love encompasses all that and so much more. We have a name for the initial singular point of love that filled the universe with love, we call Him God, in the Christian traditions.

What love does not contain are such things as bitterness and hatred. These traits are like the black holes of space trying to consume everything. They suck in anything that gets to close. As love gets pulled in it becomes twisted, perverted and warped. It turns into hate, anger, jealousy, etc.

These things were not part of the love God spread through the universe. Rather they are twisted, warped forms of what they were meant to be. These things formed because of free will. We humans chose to pervert the gift of love that God gave us.

The good news though, is that unlike the black holes of space, the pits that try to consume love can be broken free of if we choose to break free.

We can’t always break free on our own. Sometimes we need the help of a good friend or a loved one. Other times it happens because of life altering events. But in all cases we can only break free if we are willing. And in all cases,regardless of if we realize it or not, with the help of God. Now, while love is so single pointed, it is at the same time all encompassing and infinite. Love knows no bounds and does not judge or find fault. It does not hold grudges and always forgives. It is total, complete and unconditional. As humans we call this type of love agape. Unfortunately because we are human, we are limited in our ability to express agapic love to everyone as it is meant to be expressed. There is only one who can and does express it perfectly.

This infinite and singular dimensions of love is a mystery to our minds.

We cannot contemplate it fully, for to totally and truly understand love, you would need to completely understand He that cannot be understood totally in this world.

Posted: March 19th, 2012 under Thoughts.

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