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Peer Support

One of the most helpful things to have when recovering from any type of mental illness is a good and strong support network. A network ideally made up of your mental health provider, loved ones, friends and others who share similar struggles.

The last group is also known as peer supporters. Peer supporters are an important part of any support network since they are people who can not only understand but even better they can relate to your challenges. Peer supporters can provide hope as well, depending on where they are on the path. Those who have gone through dark times and survived assure us that it is possible to get through these dark times.

Another great thing about peer supporters is that they do not judge you or look down on you. Peer supporters help each other. When you are able to provide another person with hope or help them feel less alone, it helps you as well.

Having someone to listen who has been there or who is going through it now, helps you feel less alone. It reminds you that there are others out there in the world. It is why I really like the #twitterbuddyscheme and #twitterpsychward. These groups are made of up wonderful people that genuinely care about each other and support each other.

I will write more about being a peer supporter and about being a peer support facilitator for groups in the coming weeks.

Posted: January 28th, 2012 under Helpful Tips.

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