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Decision 2012

The last few years have been rough for me. They have had their ups and downs, but overall they have been some of the hardest that I remember. The main highlights have revolved around my wife. They include getting engaged, married and our honeymoon. The biggest thing not related to my wife has to be our cat.

The low points include the accident that almost killed my wife, the stress of moving twice, the self-harm, the rage, and the deep depression, just to name a few. I am beyond tired of the rage, depression, pain and everything associated with it.

So, I have decided that this year will be a good year. I refuse to allow it to be anything but good. If 2012 tries to get in the way of me having a good year, I will kick its butt.

Also, I plan to update this site at least once a week. Finally, I will share more of my personal journey, both successes and failures, this year. These items will be located under ‘My Journey.’

If anyone has something they want to share related to mental health, drop me a line. You can email me at phoenix@rising-phoenix.us starting Saturday, January 7, 2012.

Posted: January 4th, 2012 under My Journey.

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