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Accept and Appreciate Yourself for Who You Are

An important part of attaining and maintaining our mental health is accepting yourself for who you are. All of who you are. We all have parts of us that we would like to change. Some of things we can, some of things we cannot.

Each of us is unique and beautiful. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Do not get hung up on the things you cannot do as well as your neighbor. Just because you cannot do, something as well as they can does not take away from your own accomplishments and abilities. There are things that you can do better than your neighbor is.

When you start learning to accept yourself, you can start to appreciate yourself. You will start to see the wonderful person everyone else sees.

I know how hard it is to appreciate you at times. I have struggled with my self-image for the better part of two decades. Remember, appreciating and accepting yourself is something you can accomplish. I know because I have done it myself. It took a while, it took looking within me and it took the reassurance of friends, family coworkers and my therapist to get there, but I did get there.

If I got there, you can too. Accept the beautiful person you are.


Posted: August 29th, 2011 under Helpful Tips, Thoughts.

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