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Poem: Alone I Sat

Alone i sat in…
a dark ,
cold ,
painful world.

Never having known…
true happiness.

Then one day,
you came into my world,
you cast upon my world,
a light and warmth,
that i never knew before.

Since that day ,
I no longer sit alone,
in my world ,
there is now only …
light where once,
there was darkness,
tenderness where once,
there was cruelity,
love where once ,
there was lonliness ,
happiness where once,
there was pain.

You have given me the hope ,
i need to go on
you make my life worth living…
you are my strength,
when i am vulnerable

Edited: June 3rd, 2011

Poem: Do You Know?

do you know whats its like
to be trapped alone,
in ones own mind
surrounded by dark
only darkness
only misery
only emptiness
hurting so much
that you dont even care enough
to want to do anything about it.

so bad that you don’t have enough desire
to even get up to make food
only getting up to do it
when you absolutely must
when you finally do get up
feeling like your legs
will give out on you
only doing basic things
purely mechanically

just a void
just numb
wondering what is the point
wanting to curl up
hide from life
from the world
from everything
from yourself


Edited: June 3rd, 2011

Poem – Untitled

so much pain,
every waking moment filled with rain.
Only so heavy a load can one heart bear,
before first a tear will appear

Way beyond that point am I,
leaving me to ask why oh why
the pain of my heart none seem to hear
when long ago first did the tear appear,

every night when I goto bed,
another river of tears is shed
each and every tomorrow,
there is nothing but more sorrow.

everyone tells me that in time,
I will once again be fine,
how though can that be,
when to her I gave all of me

entrusted with my heart was she,
heart and she are now both lost to me


Edited: June 3rd, 2011

Poem: Darkness, Darkness, All Around

When times are dark, I often find my muse and turn to writing.  My writing during those times turns toward the dark side of life, an outward reflection of my inner pain. Here is one of my poems from a time like that:

Darkness, darkness all around,
No light to be found,
Nothing but an endless void,
No one to care, me they all avoid.

Each day more pain and sorrow,
I fear every tomorrow.
Nothing but a dark and lonely sea,
Not one to need me.

Further and further I slip,
Starting to want to embrace deaths grip.
Would any cry,
Were I to die?

This is I doubt,
For all from my life have slipped out.
Not one to want me in their life,
My life filled with nothing but strife.


Edited: May 31st, 2011


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