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Appreciate the Small Things

All to often we overlook the small things in life, but it is important to appreciate them. Taking the time to appreciate the small things can have a big impact on your emotional state. When we ignore the small things we miss the delicate beauty around us.

There are two big ways that the small things can help us emotionally. One way that they can help is by providing us with a positive sensory experience. They give us opportunities to use our senses to self soothe more often. Small things are all around us. You just need to find the things that have a positive affect on you.

For example, taking a moment to enjoy the sweet smell of a flower or the steady pitter-patter of rain on the roof can help calm your emotions and bring a smile to your face. The very act of smiling causes your body to release endorphins, one of chemicals in the brain responsible for mood. Releasing endorphins helps elevate your mood.

The other way that the small things can help us is by giving us a sense of accomplishment. Breaking things down into smaller units give you more easily attainable goals. Reaching ‘recovery’ is a goal that you cannot achieve over night. As you work toward that goal, the path can become hard and frustrating; especially, if you suffer a setback. Even when the path is not difficult it can seem like recovery is a million miles away or a fantasy; however, if you appreciate the small things, you something tangible to be proud of and celebrate.

Posted: July 6th, 2012 under Helpful Tips, Thoughts.


Comment from Sheri - 2012/08/30 at 21:12

Terrific reminder.

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