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May 2009 NEA-BPD Conference

Well as expected todays’ conference is great and emotional at times. This one focuses on co-morbidity with substance abuse. The part right before lunch has been the most emotionally charged – it was a person from NAMI, another mother of someone with BPD sharing her story and a woman who has has BPD and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) for many years telling her story.
She talked about how everytime she got in a relationship that was going well she would find a way to destroy it, how hard it was for her trust anyone, about her splitting, and how she always would test everyones love.

I am sure it took a lot of courage for the woman with BPD to get up in front of everyone, most of the people being mental health professionals or students, and tell her story. Her story and the mothers were heart wrenching, making me have to fight the tears. I know ahead of time that one thing or another will invoke an emotional response within me. The common thing both women talked about more than anything else wa4 how important having someone listen – truly listen – to you is, how much it helps to have people believe in you, people who accept you for you/don’t judge you and people who understand.

I will of course be posting more in-depth thoughts soon about this one and the treatment one from a few weeks back as well as digital copies of the conference manuals they give out.

Posted: May 1st, 2009 under Conferences.

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